Range Information:

Carter's Country has more than 80 target lanes from 7 yards for handguns to 20, 50, and 100 yards for rifles. Shotguns are allowed on the 20 and 50 yard ranges with slug ammunition. In addition to the rifle and handgun ranges there are also 2 trap fields and 5 skeet fields open Tuesday through Sunday, weather permitting.


Range Safety Rules:

1. All firearms must be kept unloaded with their actions open and muzzles pointed up when not in use.

2. During cease fires all firearms must be unloaded and placed in the gun racks. No firearms will be handled during cease fires.

3. No gun cases are permitted on the firing line, range bags are acceptable.

4. Shotguns on the target ranges are restricted to slugs only. This does not apply to the trap and skeet fields.

5. Rapid firing is not permitted; please keep at least one second between shots.

6. All non-shooting observers must remain off the firing line, behind the red fences or inside the store.

*Due to the unprecedented volume of new shooters we can no longer permit youth under the age of 12 to fire handguns on our range. This rule will apply even when the youth is supervised by a parent or guardian.*


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